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Steuerberatung und Wirtschaftsprüfung für den Mittelstand +49-69-25622760

Support during tax audits

Admittedly: There are few things more unpleasant than dental surgery or a tax audit. On the one hand, there is the uncertainty of what the auditor will pick up on or find and, on the other, the concern that it could be expensive. On the other hand, the legislator has imposed numerous obligations to provide information and cooperate on the taxpayer. For our clients, Benefitax acts as a point of contact for the tax auditor. The audit often takes place on our premises so that our clients are not too disturbed.

What can happen: Penalties, surcharges, power of assessment - if obligations to provide information and cooperate are not fulfilled

Anyone who fails to meet their tax obligations during a tax audit risks considerable disadvantages. We have compiled a list of what you might have to expect here. This makes it all the more important to work with an expert like Benefitax who is experienced in dealing with auditors. As far as possible, we take communication and work off your hands and try to protect you.

Support during tax audits. We are there for you when the going gets tough

If you have entrusted us with the ongoing management of your accounting and tax matters, you don’t have to do much at first. In this case, you benefit from an all-round service. Through the power of attorney granted to us, the tax office sends us notification of the tax audit and agrees an audit date and location with us. Since coronavirus, most company audits are no longer carried out on site. Instead, machine-readable data is analyzed. Questions are derived from this and additional documents and information are requested. We will of course keep you informed and consult with you internally. If necessary, the tax office calls in specialist auditors, e.g. for foreign matters/transfer prices. Sometimes it is necessary or useful for people from our clients’ management or accounting departments to attend an initial or final meeting. We will keep you up to date on the progress of the audit and coordinate with you on all important issues.

If you are not yet a client and are looking for help from a tax advisor for the first time or want to change tax advisors, we will be happy to check whether we can take on your case. We can competently cover many specialist issues and take over the case completely or act as an expert for just the tax audit or parts of it. These parts could, for example, be in the area of international tax law, wage tax or VAT.

Are you looking for specialists for international tax matters?

If a specialist auditor for foreign matters is called in during an ongoing tax audit, things can get serious. These auditors are particularly well-trained specialists in cross-border tax issues. If your tax advisor is now overwhelmed, this would be the last possible time to consult a specialist. Benefitax is such a specialist and has extensive experience in international tax law. Your tax advisor can remain responsible for all national tax issues. On request, we only take care of foreign matters. This includes taking stock, assessing and responding to inquiries and preliminary findings of the tax audit and conducting negotiations with the auditor for foreign matters. Whether informally or at the final meeting. We stand up for your rights.

Audits by the authorities?

If you run a business or belong to a group of people with high income, the authorities can carry out external audits on you.

  • Special VAT audits by the tax office
  • Special wage tax audits by the tax office
  • Audits by a specialist auditor of the tax office for foreign relations
  • General external audits by the tax office
  • Criminal tax proceedings have been initiated against you
  • The tax investigators are at the door (with a search warrant). We will only take action here if you have already been a client.
  • Examinations by the employment agency
  • Audits by the German Federal Pension Insurance

Ideally positioned before the tax courts

We are also happy to help if you would like to obtain a second opinion or if your tax advisor requires support in the context of a tax audit. A lot of money is often at stake, and every new good idea is welcome to reduce the additional tax burden. If it is not possible to reach an agreement with the tax office, we will be happy to examine the next steps. This ranges from the professional preparation of the final meeting and objection proceedings to legal action before the tax courts or arbitration proceedings. We are ideally positioned here.